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About me

About me

Hi, I'm Jean-Pierre Palik (a.k.a. @kamasoutra) but friends usually call me Kama. Actually I'm years old, days old to be more precise.

I graduated as an IT & mobile Security Engineer from ESIEA in Paris, with jury's congratulations for years now. School still keeps an important part of my life as I'm Prom Representative at General Assemblies. Also when my agenda permits, I monitor and advise ongoing student projects.


I work in the IT security, mobile and telco industry. I'm quite happy with my job: advanced technologies, far-fetched problematics, R&D, PoC, aircrafts... Everyday is a new adventure.

TL;DR: Recruiters, I won't change my job anytime soon, exception made for Apple & Google. But you can still contact me if you think you're worthy šŸ˜‰


I'm born in France and since then I live near Paris, however both my parents are Slovak. You really should get there someday, personally I never miss an occasion!